Crystal Kits


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 Stones in these packs may vary from time to time, depending on availability. 

Colour of the bags may be different  from the one in the photo.


 Kits can be placed under a pillow, in a pocket or a handbag, and can be used by anyone, of any age.

Vitality Kit

Vitality Kit

Carnelian - increases physical energy and life force, brings motivation
Garnet - increases vitality, stamina and strength
Sunstone - bringer of energy, vitality and enthusiasm
Onyx - provides vigour, stamina and enthusiasm
Dalmatian Jasper - enhances stamina and determination 

AUD $10.99 inc. GST

Weight Loss Kit

Weight Loss Kit 
Hematite - helps conquer over eating and indulgence
Apatite - suppresses hunger, increases the metabolic rate
Carnelian - increases physical energy, brings focus, stimulates the metabolism
Onyx - stone of self control
Sodalite - helps balance the metabolism

AUD $10.99 inc. GST

Well-Being Kit

Wellbeing Kit
Clear Quartz - the most powerful healer, balances the mind and body
Aventurine - healer of the heart, the mind and the soul
Garnet - purifies and balances energy, repels negativity
Turquoise - assists in the healing of the whole body
Onyx - balances yin and yang energies within the body

AUD $10.99 inc. GST

Wisdom Kit

Wisdom Kit
Jade - a symbol of wisdom gathered in tranquillity
Clear Quartz - bestows wisdom and emotional stability
Lapis Lazuli - a stone of wisdom, truth and awareness
Amethyst - promotes spirituality and wisdom
Turquoise - brings wisdom and incites self honesty

AUD $10.99 inc. GST
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